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Photo listing : dutch-style cycleways (problem)

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Roadway narrows here for small central median forcing cyclists into the same lane as motorists. Keep neck down for motorists, but add separate cycle track to reduce conflicts. This would require removing poorly situated parking.

Remove ridiculous signpost on Union street at Great Guildford street in the middle of contraflow bike path (making it difficult to ride past) telling cyclists to dismount. Also a tricky intersection at Union Street and Southwark Bridge Ro ... [more]

Make Newcomen and Snowfields streets two way for cyclists in order to tie in with Union street, which is a great two way cross town route.

Install contraflow bike lane southbound on Bermondsey Street to link up with Contraflow bike lane further south.

Taxis constantly dropping off passengers in the bike lane (and double red line) in front of More London plaza. Install a protected bike lane here to allow for safe passage eastbound.

Southwark Bridge Northbound on the entry to the dedicated cycle lane - you are forced wide by car and motorbike parking spaces just as the lorries are trying to maintian revs up the hill and are forced inwards to meet on many uneven and oft ... [more]

Walworth road-Elephant and castle. One of the main routes conecting south london to the city center, in the edge of zone 1 and a big nightmare for cyclists. With not an alternative route unless you take a big detour. South London is the big ... [more]

Always loads of pedestrians trying to cross the road here. I think they must be coming from Waterloo but they always try and nip in front when it's only cyclists on the road.

Lights please! I do not feel safe riding home through Burgess Park in the darker months.

The newish section of south-bound cycle path running along the pavement here is a classic example of mad cycling provision which potentially puts people in more danger than they were on the road. The reason? It takes you off road for aroun ... [more]

It's great that they put in the southbound cycle lane here, and the traffic lights for bicycles going south. However, although pedestrians are beginning to get the idea, it is true there could have been more distinction made between the cy ... [more]

crossing the peckham road from vestry road into havill street the keep clear yellow cross hatching is only on one side of the road so there is often nowhere to go into as traffic is queueing eastbound and if you are turning east the traffic ... [more]

This is far and away the most terrifying part of my cycle commute (from Bromley to Vauxhall!) The traffic is intimidating, mostly buses and lorries who barely leave room to go down the cycle lane, most cyclists go entirely down on the outsi ... [more]

Completely agree with the comment regarding road surface, this one is completely shocking. Pot holes caused me to get a puncture and I've witnessed others fixing theirs more than once on this stretch. Road markings make no sense and drivers ... [more]

Scary high-speed traffic on a motorway: fine on the M1, not fine in Central London. A complete waste of space and a huge barrier to cycling and walking.

With the wonderful Borough Market in full swing, you still have people trying to drive down this street in their SUVs. This street should be closed to traffic on Friday and Saturday during the Market (and I include cycles in that). Their is ... [more]

This high on my list of "avoid at all costs" roundabout both walking and on a bike (doesn't seem like driving round it is much fun either!). Definitely plenty of scope for improvement - seems to be plenty of space and would benefit from bei ... [more]

The cycle route along Dulwich Common (part of the South Circular) is a pavement shared with pedestrians. It's dangerous due to being poorly maintained, and badly marked so pedestrians often abuse cyclists for using it, which can be frighten ... [more]

Southern end of London Bridge - southbound cyclists have to get in the middle lane with buses and taxis that then turn left into London Bridge Station.

What we really need is a pedestrian/cyclist bridge crossing. For now please make the rotherhithe tunnel more cyclist friendly. Fix the bumpy paving slabs, make proper cycle lane markings, and yes most of all please improve the ventilation. ... [more]

LCN route 22 would be considerably improved if north and southbound cyclists didn't have to make right turns filtering across two lanes of straight on traffic. There is plenty of road space to create separated cycle lanes with special phas ... [more]

It says it all about the 'Cyclesuperhighways' that the mandatory cycle lane here almost always has taxis parked across it at this point. Following a suitable final warning, all it would take, I am sure, to sort this, would be a tow truck!

The area round the Kingsway/Holborn junction needs to be completely rethought. Although I have cycled in London for nearly 15 years and rate myself reasonably confident, I find the multi-lane gyratory roads impossibly intimidating so have ... [more]

The Elephant & Castle roundabout is a nightmare for cyclists, and we aren't well served for cycle superhighways into locations such as Westminster or the West End that aren't the City.

Getting across Long Lane to Bermondsey Street is difficult and breaks cycle route.

Turning right on to this cycle route is difficult and dangerous as there are no traffic lights or cycle crossing.

meant to be cycle route, but parked cars, potholes and very poor road surface make this really poor cycle route - squeezing between oncoming cars and parked cars while trying to avoid getting wheel caught in pothole is horrible.

This junction on cycle route needs traffic lights or crossing. I end up using Madela Way instead as there are traffic lights with Dunton Road.

This junction would really benefit from dedicated cycle lane. Crossing bridge and continuing down Borough High Street can be dangerous.

There is not enough space when approaching the bridge from the south to get in view of, pass alongside or ahead of any vehicles, vans, lorries, buses in particular. A van driver, without looking first, flicked a cigarette butt out of his ... [more]

The Walworth Road, Camberwell road, is a busy road and many cyclists use it as a straight forward road connecting South London with Central areas. Knowing the area as I have lived there over 5 years and comparing it to the 9countries I just ... [more]

The turning form Tooley Street into Weston Street (following cycle route 22) is horrible.

Fron Elephant & Castle all the way up the Old kent Rd (A2) to Blackheath. Both ways. This Rd is notorious for congestion and bad driving and is a real danger for cyclists. maybe cycle lanes or good alternative routes would be fantastic.

The A2 is a huge road, heavy with traffic and HGVs. I am an experienced cyclist and I still find it scary. The whole length of the Old Kent Road/ A2 from Bricklayers Arms just south of Tower Bridge, all the way along through New Cross Gate ... [more]

The A2 is a huge road, heavy with traffic and HGVs. I am an experienced cyclist and I still find it scary. The whole length of the Old Kent Road/ A2 /New Cross Road from Bricklayers Arms just south of Tower Bridge, all the way along throug ... [more]

parked cars, rat running, a gradually narrowing street and speed cushions make this popular and quiet back road a surprisingly tricky road for cyclists.

As others have said elephant & castle roundabout is indeed a death trap, I for one came literally inches from death or serious injury here, and have seen numerous scrapes. I now avoid, sadly, as it's on my route.

The College Road approach to Crystal Palace Parade is steep climb and there's no way for a cyclist to dismount safely onto the curb should they need to. Traffic is generally unforgiving and fast at this point, with visibility restricted aro ... [more]

traffic often gets backed up on the bridge and it feels really dangerous to be cycling through or waiting behind/ within, a dedicated cycle lane going south would help massively - there is enough space to eat up some of the pedestrian space ... [more]

Paxton Green roundabout. On the boundary between Southwark and Lambeth, at the southern end of Southwark. It was desgined for motor traffic and is intimidating for cyclists. It should be replaced by a T junction.

The Old Kent Road's wide pavements were added some ten years ago - but no provision was made for cyclists, who now have to share this narrow dual carriageway with very heavy traffic. Outside of rush hour, and with very limited speed camera ... [more]

London Road- dominated by fast-moving traffic

Simply put the whole of Elephant & Castle is a death trap!

This is a marked cycle route - but what a road surface? The road surface is bad enough but when combined with multiple road markings (using paint that is quite thick) 0 it has the effect of rumble strips for over a 150 - 200m stretch. Then ... [more]

Turning right from Camberwell Church Street into Camberwell Grove - often terrifying as agressive vehicles moving in both directions. Would it be possible to insert some road marking or traffic island in the centre of Camberwell Church St ... [more]

st \giles circus is very dangerous and I have suffered a broken ankle when knocked off my bike when a car failed to give way entering the cicus. This needs urgent action to make it safer

Rye lane to dangerous to cycle down because of buses overtaking each other.

There is a phone box right in the middle of the cycle lane (!!), and the cycle lane is very badly maintained, with no provision for cyclists across side roads. This layout, signage and surface all need updating to make this a safe alt ... [more]

Soiuthbound onto Kennington Park Road, cars constantly cut into the blue CS7 cycle path - the junction is too narrow and the island makes cars cut people off. A place which invites cyclists to jump the light 'cos it's so dangerous.

Exiting E&C Roundabout heading South is a night mare - a disappearing cycle lane and narrowing lanes means that there are loads of cars overtaking bicycles at dangerous speed.

Proper cycle paths are needed, perhaps utilising footpaths, on this narrow and terrifying bridge.

The huge amount of cycle traffic on Old Kent Road, a shamefully neglected route, makes cycle path attention (on both sides of the road) imperative.

Cars, lorries do not indicate and daily I see people coming to near death without the drivers of the vehicles even noticing/caring.

old kent road needs cycle lanes on BOTH sides!!!

A lot of vehicles go straight on at this junction, which is technically a left turn according to the road markings. This puts cyclists in danger if they're continuing on the main road.

No special provision for cyclists at this junction, although the marked cycle route does a right-left across a busy road.

There is a lot of cycle traffic down this path. Many cyclists ignore the needs of pedestrians and vice versa. A clearer way of separating the traffic would be better, as would working lighting.

I agree with the comment on the cycle lane. Also, cyclists and pedestrians routinely ignore the traffic signals.

The Rotherhithe Tunnel Sourthern Approach Roundabout needs a complete re-design. Visibility for all traffic approaching from Jamaica Road is limited and from this directions cyclists are forced to cross 2 lanes of traffic to continue on th ... [more]

I have been knocked off here twice, and both times this has been because the lanes aren't wide enough/there isn't a designated lane for cyclists. Cars just try to squeeze passed you over taking/under taking/knocking you down - and if we had ... [more]

I have been knocked off here twice, and both times this has been because the lanes aren't wide enough/there isn't a designated lane for cyclists. Cars just try to squeeze passed you over taking/under taking/knocking you down - and if we had ... [more]

create an opportunity for cyclists and pedestrians to cross to from here to Southwark Park safely. The entire one way system needs a complete re design as it is undsafe for cyclist and pedestrians. I suggest this part of Lower Road (which i ... [more]

Due to excessive and unnecessary lane capacity, cars swoop around the roundabout which provides zero cycling infrastructure. Roundabout and surrounding roads should be rebuilt with the flyover REMOVED.

Entire area (Tooley Street meets London Bridge meets BHS) is very intimidating -- confusing turns and horrible congestion. Requires massive re-think in terms of infrastructure.

This is the main artery from Peckham, New Cross, Deptford etc. into central London and, despite the heavy traffic, it is well used by bicycles. However, while the rest of the traffic has 4-6 lanes to enjoy, anyone one a bike is very much a ... [more]

Where Great Dover Street joins Borough High Street there are two sets of traffic lights (one covering a pedestrian crossing, the other access across the junction). Vehicles queue here, which means that it is hard for cyclists either to get ... [more]

Roundabout at Goose Green, Cyclists have to take a very dominant position to go straight on from grove vale on to lordship lane. Could be improved by traffic lights and taking out the rounadabout

this is one of the most dangerous hotspots i've seen for cycle accidents..i had a bad altercation with a black cab going the wrong way into the Westminster Bridge Road one-way system from London Road (which isn't even for taxis) the pas ... [more]

There should be a right turn for cyclist only here onto Lugard road. Currently a pontless raised surface. The road is constantly busy and full of bad drivers. It would be much safer for cyclists to get away from the main traffic .

Lots of cyclists use this tunnel, but also lots of very large speeding lorries too. It's very dangerous as it's dark with very poor visibility. It could be improved by adding a cycle lane.

Without doubt the most dangerous part of my trip to work followed closely by elephant and castle roundabout. This junction has masses of pedestrians, buses and traffic all pushing thier way through. This area is crying out for a separated ... [more]

There are 2 separate toucan crossings (one on each side of the central reservation) that you need to cross from the southbound cycle lane across Blackfriars Bridge to get into the National Cycle Network route on Upper Ground. These crossing ... [more]

Dear friends, thank you for your commitment to make London more secure for cyclists. For me, it would be fantastic to pull down each barrrier along the Thames paths: there are too many barriers (gates, walls, etc,) that prevent cyclists f ... [more]

Elephant & Castle is generally a nightmare for cyclists and pedestrians!

This junctiion is a vry bad junction with a bus lane and cars trying to cross over from right lane to far left lane to turn left - and always pushing bikes out the way. HGVs in particular ver dangerous. this has to be the most dangerous ju ... [more]

The north roundabout at Elephant & Castle is a bad one for cyclists and pedestrians - getting from one side to the other on foot involves three separate pedestrian crossings (and there aren't crossings on all the roads), or a maze-like subw ... [more]

London Bridge has potential for dedicated bike lanes. The bridge is obviously a bottle neck for traffic and I actually think the bus lanes make this bridge more dangerous.

This crossing is currently a mess of pedestrians and cyclists on the pavement (as the cycle lane that lead to elephant road has helpfully been removed by a building site so it just ends abruptly, they have no choice but go on pavement in ... [more]

I just think this junction could do with re-surfacing really, particularly the top of Village Way. There are a couple of pot holes which are tricky to avoid when travelling at speed from East Dulwich Grove.

This roundabout is awful to negotiate as a cyclist. Trying to get from Blackfriars or Borough Road to Lambeth Road is very intimidating and requires stupid detours that put you in vulnerable positions. Equally, coming back from Lambeth Road ... [more]

Tooley Street. This is serious blackspot for cyclists. Major hazards: construction trucks; huge numbers of pedestrians from London Bridge Station and More London; constant roadworks; frequent blocking of cycle lanes by taxis, and delivery/c ... [more]

The right turn at Lambeth North from Kennington Rd into Baylis Road is very popular with cyclists - almost the busiest junction I know of for cyclists. It needs a bike only light for the right turn to prevent bikes having to compete with ca ... [more]

London Bridge south. When riding south over London bridge many buses will overtake and then cut in to turn left into the station or Tooley street. To make matters worse, the middle lane is for busses turning left into the station. I've see ... [more]

Elephant and castle roundabout, possibly the least cyclist friendly area in London. I just don't ride this way anymore as it's too risky. I worry about those less fortunate who have little choice but to ride across this roundabout.

There's supposed to be a cycle path on the Lower Road pavement (west side) from the Gomm Road junction to the pedestrian/cycle crossing and then on the east side to the Hothfield Place junction (there's then a route up to the Surrey Quays s ... [more]

The south side of Tesco's supermarket in the Surrey Quays is a natural shortcut from the cycle path along the front (west) side to the bridge under the A205 to the side of Greenland Dock. But some marking would help us keep clear of pedestr ... [more]

Oh, The Heffalump?! Where do I begin? Confusing lanes of traffic, speeding vehicles, buses pulling out. To be fair, some attempt has been made to put cycle routes round this, but it is still bad until you can reach one of them. Even worse f ... [more]

One way lane that ends up beingused by cyclist going both ways because of buses stopping. Also there is not much of a distiction between the pavement and cycle lane that pedestrians seem to notice.

A fast road with both a blind corner and a hill where cyclists have to get across to the side roads.

Awful road surface, parked cars, no cycle lanes on this road that is supposed to be part of a cycle route. As a consequence most people take the "quiet route" along Surrey Canal Walk coming into conflict with pedestrians, particularly fast ... [more]

Bottom of Peckham rye, cycle pit cyclist against pedestrains.

There is a cycle lane running from Lyndhurst across Bellenden. It is one way for oncoming cars with a minature roundabout. The cycle lane encourages to ride close to the curb at the roundabout junction therefore not allowing the rider to se ... [more]

a nightmare turning right onto Duke street hill from borough high st. an awkward junction often shared with buses an inch behind you or trying to overtake and motorists using to make an illegal turn. also Duke street hill aproach to london ... [more]

I was knocked off my bike here

Camberwell and the Oval: Coming from Burgess park and turning onto Camberwell New Rd at this junction in the direction of the Oval is extremely dangerous as traffic from Myatt's Fields is turning left and right at the same time. the only sa ... [more]

Borough High Street and it's junction with Southwark street is a traffic hotspot - serial traffic lights with cyclists trying to get ahead of large buses and lorries crossing London bridge. Would appreciate a dedicated cycle lame.

Borough High Street and it's junction with Southwark street is a traffic hotspot - serial traffic lights with cyclists trying to get ahead of large buses and lorries crossing London bridge. Would appreciate a dedicated cycle lame.

It's really hard for cyclists approaching lower road from jamaica road. I've taken the approach of sliding on to the right of jamaica road and then riding as fast as i can on the inside lane of the roundabout and then hoping drivers will le ... [more]

Rotherhithe roundabout is themost dangerous part of my daily commute! I risk my life there all the time!

The short section of East Dulwich Rd as it passes by Peckham Rye before becoming Nunhead Lane has two very busy sets of lights, too close together to get safely across the two lanes if you want to turn right. Poor road surface too.

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