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Photo listing : cycle parking (problem)

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There are lots of spare car parking space and lots of people want a bike hangar, there is only one nearby and it's full

There are cycle hoops but all have +2 year waiting lists. more hangars are needed.

1 x Bicycle Hangar

The community supports me

I agree with the first comment - we have many cyclists who live in our street, and no storage.

Bike hangar for use by significant number of cycle commuters

There is no cycle parking on the street or on the estate. All houses have small front gardens that wouldn't fit bikes, and people just lock bikes to lamposts. Also, all the houses are flats or half houses so they all share hallways and cann ... [more]

There is no secure cycle parking available for Whorlton Road, despite a lot of demand for this. The road has also recently become a cul-de-sac so there is now more opportunity to install this parking.

There are 6 flats in my building and each would love to have access to safe cycling storage

All local cycle pods hangers are full - I am cycling resident in Peabody building, storage here would serve people like my partner and me and many others. Clearly, demand is high for these spaces - please create more.

There is no secure cycle available hangar in the vicinity.

Secure bike storage needed as apartments have none

For the residents of Renforth Street Estate - a lot of cars park here, and this congestion could be eased by a number of bike spaces. As it's a cul de sac, bikes are often stolen from outside and, therefore, many residents who would like to ... [more]

All nearby Cycle storage schemes are fully occupied. Southwark have implemented lots of new quietways for cyclists but have not increased storage. We are a household of three adults who would all like to cycle but nowhere to store our bikes ... [more]

Many residents in Alaska Buildings and nearby buildings don't have any secure cycle parking.

There is no bike hangar on Rossetti Road, Stubbs Drive. With the number of residents cycling from those streets, we will have 6 spaces taken.

No public cycle parking nearby and no private either

1 x Cyclehoop bike hangar needed for 6 bikes

[Secure cycle parking requested, presumably] My housemate and I will both use it, as will our downstairs neighbour

There are no cycle hoops yet on this street, whereas most of the neighbouring streets have them

A lot of people on Holmdene Avenue would like bike storage which would ease pressure on driving/owning car

There are lots of neighbours on the street who would like on street parking (e.g. cycle hoop hangars) as the houses/flats aren't conducive to bike storage.

There are no secure bike hangers or lockers in the area.

I am a resident of Cross Court, Denmark Hill Estate, and there is no public cycle stands or anywhere to keep our bikes inside the flat. The Cyclehoop locker is full.

Having cycle stands at this location would incentivate cycling for local residents, and help the council keep this pavement clear of rubbish.

There are hundreds of residents in this square and loads of space to add secure cycle parking.

We request a bike Hangar for 6 bikes be inserted here given the high volume of residents who cycle, and the lack of secure off-street parking that is available to them.

Several residents along Wood Vale live in small flats and have nowhere to store their bikes. A bikehanger would allow us to securely store and regularly use our bikes.

Would benefit the whole estate and is well suited due to proximity to the quiet route.

Would be great to have hangars to store bikes as is difficult in shared accomodation

162 Underhill Road there are 6 of us who would use a bike hangar.

We have a lot of bikes on our street and nowhere to keep them. Leaving them outside feels unsafe in the area.

With new parking restrictions and permits for residents, a safer and more secure place to lock bikes would be extremely helpful.

There are no cycle hangers for several roads and all nearby are oversubscribed.

With the road closed one end and CPZ finally operational the road has more space for cycle storage including bike hangars. This will help residents and commuters for East Dulwich station. Secure storage would be better.

We're currently campaigning to get more bike hangars on our street. We've done a survey on the street and of those who have responded, 100% are positive and there is extremely high demand for more space (most of us have been on waiting lis ... [more]

There are a lot of young people and families on the street and given the lockdown and fact that everyone is commuting via bike or cycling recreationally, a bike hanger or lockers on the square would be much needed and used.

There is already a bike storage hanger for 10 bikes, but there is a long waiting list, with 5 people already on it. It's a residential area so I'm sure it will get used.

Install a bike hanger to secure park up to 6 bikes

1 x hanger needed for 2-4 cycles on Keston Road, SE15 4JB

Aylesbury Road SE17 is has some enclosed bike hangars but they are full capacity so more are needed as well as visitor parking in the form of Sheffield stands

1 above refers to 1 x bike hangar = 6 spaces. The existing bike hangar on Lyndhurst Grove is full and lots more people are cycling now. The houses on this road all have steps up and down and few have garden access making it difficult for pe ... [more]

Shenley Road and surrounding roads house many residents who have bikes. We have 2 in my flat and 3 in the flat upstairs, and our immediate neighbours also have multiple cyclists in each property. We have no rear access so on street safe par ... [more]

• our shared building has shown interest in a Bikehangar as there aren’t any available spaces nearby, • especially on the south side of Grove Park, SE5, are a large number of flats and estates without outdoor space to park their bik ... [more]

Please add bike storage options in and around Thorburn Sq. (SE15QF). As can be seen in the cyclehoop rental map (, the entire area from Dunton Rd to Raymouth Rd betw ... [more]

We have just moved into a first floor flat (no garden) and would like to park our three bikes securely on our street; Oglander Road SE15 4EN. A bike hangar would be really helpful and useful to us. All bike hangars around us are full and we ... [more]

Space for a cyclehoop bike hanger. The street has a lot of driveway parking, but no provision for cycle storage for upstairs flats. I have had verbal support for some residents and will seek signatures.

There is no space to leave bikes in the short front yards, and no cycle storage on the street for dozens of bloxms. Hangars please!

The bike hangar location should be on the corner of Holmdene Avenue and Herne Hill. There is a widened area of pavement here or it could occupy one parking space on the corner, which is located behind a bollard which adds extra safety/prote ... [more]

Lots of offices around here and insufficient secure cycle parking. The cycle hoop down the road is full.

We could really do with a cycle hangar on our street to support and encourage cycling

Know a lot of people in my building/road that are struggling to store bikes or it is putting them off buying a bike because of lack of storage

There is no bike parking around the Brimington Estate where people live in flats and have nowhere to store them

There’s no bike parking in either the estate or down the main road. Many people in the estate live in flats and do not have space for a bike. With a lot more people cycling it would be great to have more storage facilities.

There are three lockers within Tyers Gate development and a hanger on the street itself. All full, more required please

I live in a block of flats with a lot people who cycle. there is currently no where to store bikes which means people are carrying them up and down the stairs and it's very difficult. There is lots of space either in the grounds of on the r ... [more]

Suggest 1 x cycle hangar for 6 cycles on restricted parking bay, e.g. outside 11 Alpha Street

The exisisting lockers have been fully booked from the past 3 years. There is space for at least 2 more lockers.

I am a prospective tenant for a flat on this road, however the flat has no bike storage and is on the third floor making it not very practical to carry my bike up and down every day. I love cycling to work both for the physical and mental h ... [more]

The pavement was just redone and there is a lot of space to install bike parking - which is urgently needed.

This road could easily accommodate more cycle hangars as it has hardly any houses or cars parked and the area desperately needs more bike hangars

East Dulwich is extremely short of space to park bikes, as many including us, are in flats or terraced houses.

I would like a Cyclehoop hanger on Crawthew Grove.

Lots of residents on this street would use this [what?]

Bike hangar to be place on road to occupy one of the soon to be introduced CPZ parking bays. There are currently no safe public parking spaces for bikes in the area and bike thefts are common


Need some secure cycle parking for office workers, suggesting a Cycle Hub similar to those in Finsbury Park, Enfield and Edmonton (

Maude Road, resident parking, but hardly anyone parks here so better used for bike hangar

There are multiple households cycling on this street and there have been bike thefts recently.

Many of of the residents of our building are cyclists and it would be much easier if we could keep bikes securely outside

There are hundreds of people living in these flats and hardly any bike storage. I am on the waiting list for an existing hangar on the road and am 47th on the list! So clearly lots of demand.

This is a street with lots of houses that are now flats so first Floor properties need bike storage

Would be good for cycle storage around the East Dulwich Estate

Busy street with countless bikes locked up outside houses and flats exposed to weather and obstructing entry/exit from properties.

Close to the park, so useful for residents of Colyton Road and surrounding roads & park visitors

A bike hangar on Burbage road in front of Royston Court

Several neighbours would also be keen so we'd easily fill a lockable hanger. SE154DA

Cycle Hanger - 2 others nearby (Choumert Road & Reedham Street, SE15) full with waiting lists. Need more bike storage urgently in area

3 x bike hangars required outside Mundania Court SE22 0NQ. This block of 50 flats has no on-site bicycle parking. Bicycles are currently left in the common areas of the flats and we have been advised that this contravenes the fire safety r ... [more]

Request for bicycle hangar, supported by all residents in Rye View Maisonettes. We would be happy to have a hangar outside our property (unrestricted street parking) and all occupants of the block would be interested in renting space in the ... [more]

Please could we have cycling parking for our work staff. We are located Richmond Pharmacology Ltd, 1A Newcomen Street, London, SE1 1YR

Herne Hill estate has 32 flats (2-3 bedrooms) and at present only has ~6 individual upright bicycle stores for the entire estate. With the increase in people preferring to commute/travel by bike, the communal hallways are full of bikes w ... [more]

There are many cyclists on this street who park their bikes next to a post and would enjoy this

There are 6 residents in the flats on Glengall Road in need of bike storage

I need no have space in the flat please

Bikes recently damaged when changed to the bike stands along the road, flats are small with narrow hallways without space to store them inside. I am collecting signatures of neighbours supporting the idea

I have been on a waiting list for a bike hangar near me for almost a year and still on the waiting list. There are lots of residents with bikes who would like to park them safetly

There is no secure cycle storage within any of the blocks of flats in the close vicinity, and there has been no availability for any nearby cyclehoop lockers or hangars for months. Given the COVID-19 pandemic and many keyworkers living in t ... [more]

I'm living on Simms Road. There are lots of unused on-street parking space but no bike hangars. Now the Covid-19 lockdown is being lifted and the government is encouraging us to cycle. We would ideally need bike storage or hangars to buy an ... [more]

Hangar for six cyclists at least

I think one of the parking spaces could be converted into cycle parking.

My bike has been stolen during day time, there is only 1 stands front of the house for 2 bikes, which is not enough.1 bike hangar would be good for 6 bikes.

Bike Hanger would be preferable on Exon or Freemantle Street. Next year I will need to cycle to St Marys Hospital to work as a doctor and I have no space to store a bike in my flat

We have 3 bikes currently in our flat, top floor flat so we have to carry bikes up and down each day which then scrapes walls and carpets. To have bike storage on the road would be a huge help, and I know there are a lot of other neighbours ... [more]

Cycle parking needed here.

It is not practical to store a bike in our flat. The council recently widened the pavement on the corner where Chesterfield Grove meets Melbourne Grove and fitted a bike rack - however, this is not secure and is therefore wasted space. Loca ... [more]

Cycle parking needed here.

It is incredibly necessary to accommodate the cycling residents around here. There are no nearby storage options and the residential units are small with very little space for storing bikes inside (and are often split into flats, anyway).

We have 3 bikes between 3 of us in a very small flat so badly need public storage.

REQUEST FOR A BIKEHANGAR • our neighbourhood has shown interest in a Bikehangar as there aren’t any available spaces nearby, e.g. none in Grove Park nor Pelham Close • especially on the south side of Grove Park, SE5, are a large num ... [more]

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