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There is no provision in the Court Lane and surrounding streets to serve all the local families with bikes. Most houses have very small front gardens with limited space for secure storage. This location is not outside any individual prop ... [more]

There is currently no provision for bike parking in Court Lane. Front gardens are typically small with limited space for secure bike storage. We would like to access the local cycle ways into central London and for local journeys to reduc ... [more]

Can't currently cycle as nowhere to safely keep a bike

Cycle parking needed here.

There is an 18 month waiting list for the existing cycle hangar on this road, and about 10 cyclists on this road without anywhere to keep their bikes.

There are not a lot of places to store bikes in lockers/hangars closeby and a few people in our building alone use a bike as main use of transport. Where there are lockers/hangars they are full.

Cycle parking needed here.

There are many cyclists in this area but not everyone has enough space in their homes to storage a bike. Some are giving up cycling due to lack of safe space for storage.

Plenty of room and bikes on this street, but nowhere to put our bikes. Please help us become greener.

1 or 2 secure cycle hangars (assuming they hold parking for 6 bikes each) is recommended here.

A bike hangar would be fantastic and secure

It would be helpful to have an additonal cycle hangar in the near vicinity as there is a waiting list on all local cyclehoop hangars - can't buy a bike without having somewhere to park it!

Current hangar cycle parking is always full - can't lock our bikes anywhere and no space in the home. More hangars needed in local vicinity

It’s a street with a lot of condensed housing, where many people don’t have cars. There are no bike hangars within 5 minutes walk. All the hangars in our area are full with waiting lists. It’s also not a particularly busy place to par ... [more]

Cycle parking needed here.

Cycle parking required on 33 Westmoreland road - lots of space is available!

A hanger on Harmsworth Street would be great. We have no on-street parking and most residents of our building cycle (approx 8), but we have no secure parking.

I am about to move to Dunkirk House, SE1 4BT and all of the cycle lockers in the surrounding areas are full - I have tried both Cyclehoop and Bikeaway. This suggests that there is high demand for cycle lockers in this area and that there w ... [more]

Cycle parking needed here.

Cycle parking needed here.

We really need bike lockers on the street for people in flats to store their bikes, rather than Sheffield stands. There are a lot of people on this street who cycle and live in 1st floor flats so difficulty storing bikes (no garages).

Flats on our estate are too small to store bicycles and are often stolen when kept in communal areas. Residents can’t cycle because we have nowhere to keep bikes.

So many people live in Hayles buildings, parking is limited and many of us are also non-drivers.

Cycle parking needed here.

Cycle parking needed here.

Cycle parking needed here.

Ledbury Estate - The flats on the estate are too small to store bicycles, and they cannot be kept on balconies due to fire regulations. There are many bikes locked up in various places around the estate, demonstrating an unmet demand for bi ... [more]

Please, install secure bicycle hangars (or storage)

All others in area totally full!!

Somewhere near the area would be really great. Thank you!

There are no nearby cycle parking facilities in a 10 min walking radius.

Hello I am unable to type the below into the "how many cycle stands do you suggest" box I suggest a bike hanger in this location. There is one on the other end of this road but it has been full for a long time.

There are no bicycle parks nearby and a number of neighbours in small flats would really benefit from on-street parking.

Cycle parking needed here.

1 bike hangar

Cycle parking needed here.

Council have recently told all residents that they cant store bikes in hallways so we’re in desperate need of somewhere to store our bikes.

This is a highly residential area where many residents do not own cars, and is within cycling distance to all parts of London. It is also close to a number of the newly build cycle highways. Therefore, there needs to be more cycling storage ... [more]

Cycle parking needed here.

Cycle parking needed here.

My neighbours have been knocking on doors on Brayards road drumming up support for this. It’s a great idea! 2 bikes in my household. I cycle to work every day. One of my immediate neighbours cycles to work everyday.

Cycle parking needed here.

Cycle parking needed here.

Outside the Mayflower Pub currently very little provision in St. Mary Church St Rotherhithe St or Tunnel Road

Outside the Sands Studios currently very little provision in St. Mary Church St Rotherhithe St or Tunnel Road

there are not enough bike hangars in the area compared to other area, whilst the number of young professionals and families in the area is very high, making it a very viable proposition.

Many people on Brayards Road use bicycles already. This is mainly a suggestion for the installation of bike hangars on the street for residents. There is also a small convenience shop on the street, which would benefit from Sheffield stands ... [more]

It would be great to have some bike parking in this area

Many people have to lock their bikes outside their front door to metal posts in the block. Walk through the block and you will see 6 - 8 bikes regularly locked up, cycle parking would be welcomed. there is plenty space in the concrete area ... [more]

There are some lockers on the adjacent estate but they are all taken. More are needed.

Small space between two houses - perfect for a small hanger.

There are currently bike parking near to the queens road station, however I think some along this road would benefit all people who reside in this area as the station ones are usually taken and at a risk to leave overnight- a lot is stolen ... [more]

Multiple spots for sheffield stands in this area

We have a parking spot on 80 Queens Road which is on the main road very close to the station. At the moment it is occupied by several bins and would make a great spot for a bike rack.

Busy pub that lots of cyclists frequent..

This place is crowded with bikes all the time, most people resort to chain them on the gates next to Guy's hospital for lack of parking spaces.

I live on the first floor of a converted terrace house and have no space to store my bike upstairs Currently my partner and I have to lock our bikes to a wooden fence (obviously not ideal)

There is about 8 m between the end of the parking bays and the street corner. It would be ideal to have a bikehanger on the road right here, with space for 6 bikes. There are 3 small businesses in 14 & 15 Weller Street that have a lot of ... [more]

The current bike rack is always full, forcing cyclists to use surrounding trees and lamp-posts blocking the pavements.

This spot is outside a popular pub with one bike rack, which is always full. There are usually a large number of customers having to lock bikes against trees & other inappropriate spots, obstructing the pavement, causing nuisance and annoy ... [more]

there is a huge concrete area between many council flats, it is empty and woudl easily fit bike storage in, which I'm sure would be well used by residents within all the surrounding flats

For some reason the contraflow cycle lane is not mandatory so three cars are blocking it here. There's clearly not enough cycle parking either.

This is a private road with a block of flats with approx 20 flats. Because of the lack of a tube near by a cycle store would be really handy as a lot of us need to cycle to get to work.

Only safe cycle storage as

This is a private road with a block of flats with approx 20 flats. Because of the lack of a tube near by a cycle store would be really handy as a lot of us need to cycle to get to work. And it reduces the need for a car.

Cycle parking needed here.

Overhill Road opposite Dawson's Heights

Can provide 10-15 residents' signatures in support of this

I've got 2 bikes. in this area there is only one bike hangar

cycling parking for resident on large lettsome estate. many people live in upstairs flat with no space for bikes inside or outside.

I'm about to move into council housing at Medway House, Hankey Pl, London, SE1 4BJ and all the lockers are full in the area. As I rely on my bike for transport, and these flats don't have any space at all for bikes inside, it would be great ... [more]

Needed undercover cycle parking for Denmark Hill station. Something similar to Peckham Rye station would be ideal. Currently there is only capacity for 10 cycles outside this busy station which is not enough as people often park on railings ... [more]

Cycle parking needed here.

Cycle parking needed here.

Cycle parking needed here.

Cycle parking needed here.

there are very popular cafes around here and it would be good to have cycle facilities. cycle hoops keep on getting being cut and bikes stolen

all the green cycle stores are full . There is nowhere else in the vicinity free.

Cycle parking needed here.

There is a car park space by the refuse hut in front of flats 46-49 which is too small for car parking Flat 47 has 4 bikes, 49 has 2 bikes all locked to the rail but have been given to 29th Sep to remove them for H&S reasons

Narrowly spaced bollards, cannot get through with Christiana taxi trike

This area has many residents with bikes, who have to leave them in unsafe locations. Here it could also serve the local school.

A number of neighbours on street would welcome this as no storage outside houses converted into flats

Request covered cycle hangar to serve Kimpton Road flats

I have moved to the area and would like to use one of the bike sheds / lockers. However they are all full, which suggests that there is a large demand. It would be great to get some more spaces here, and this area is opposite the Community ... [more]

Cycle parking needed here.

the existing cycle;e lockers nearby are all over-subscribed bribed by at least 5 people

It's a large housing estate with no cycle parking, and also on Quietway 1, cycle parking would be amazing!

Steep ramp with gap at the bottom

1 x bike hangars from cyclehoop This is a dead end road and as such the parking spaces are under utilised

currently have 5 bikes in our house

5 biks in our house need storage, all agreed to rent one

Good for South Londoners who work in east or be London e.g. new stratford until hub via jubilee line

Lots of small Victorian houses and flats with no way of getting a bike in. There is nowhere in the surrounding area to securely keep a bike

There is a quiet way cycle route running right through the Harold Estate but nowhere for residents to park bikes. This means that commuting by bike is limited and lots of parking problems on estate.

I have three tenants moving into my first floor flat and they have four bikes between them and no bike parking facilities.

Cycle parking needed here.

Lots of parking avalinble on the road. A few houses have driveways too. There are a few flats in which storing a bike(s) takes up a lot of space so would make would be much better if they had access.

We desperately require bike parking outside our workplace. Currently there is a single yellow line outside our building which seems to be historical to maintain vehicular access which now seems redundant. It would not make sense to replac ... [more]

Cycle parking needed here.

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